Frequently Asked Questions...


How can I reserve the production lab if I want to host a workshop or event?

     In addition to the workshops and events sponsored by Everything       Education, space is available for individuals to rent and share their educational ideas.  Please call 330-491-9866 to speak with one of our Educational Enthusiasts for assistance.

If an item I am looking for is not carried in your store, is it possible to still get it?

     Yes!  We have access to over 20,000 items from over 100 vendors.  You can click on the "Shop Now" icon on the homepage or ask one of our Educational Enthusiasts while in the store. We also have established relationships with several curriculum resource companies which allows us to order directly from them.  

Does Everything Education accept orders from school districts and process purchase orders?

     We would be happy to fulfil orders of any size for any individual or organization.  In addition to accepting cash and credit cards, we will process purchase orders from area educational institutions.